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There are lots of bands out there, But none like Undermine X. A New York City based band of 5 completely different people, who all love the music that they play. Jo, Pete, Kevin, Karlo, and Bern make a team that is simply unstoppable. When they hit the stage together, the energy is tremendous. They're Loud, They're heavy, They're melodic, They're amazing. When you see Undermine X perform, you'll be shocked by the talent that comes out of those speakers, and off that stage. The songs show emotions that we all can relate to, and tell stories that make you think about how you look at life. The music behind those lyrics forces those emotions out. With inspirations ranging from Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, and Skid Row, to Taproot, Disturbed, Staind, Among Thieves and The Deftones, They're heavy enough to please the newer crowd, and melodic enough to please the old crowd, which creates a perfect blend of music. Their sound comes together to resemble no other band.

Undermine X, (originally I-4-Eye) started out with just Jo, and Karlo. Jo and Karlo went through many guitarists and singers to complete the band. They finally found some one they felt would fit in perfectly. His name: Chris. Chris was a lefty guitarist who is obsessed with Guns N Roses. The 3 of them wrote Eye for Eye, Seed, and a working version of Both Ways. Karlo had to leave the band due to some personal reasons, so it was just Jo and Chris. In November of 2000, They decided it was time for a second guitarist. So they hit the classifieds and saw an ad that they thought might be a good call. So, Jo called that number. They talked for a few minutes, and were pretty happy with what they were hearing from each other about the music. Jo then asked the question how old are you? so the person Replied 16. 28 year old Jo didn't know what to say. So he went on for about 20 minutes about how the ages difference is cool as long as there is plenty of dedication, so come and try out. So that he did, he tried out, and loved everything. So 16 year old Pete was the newest addition to the band. At the time, the band did have a singer, but who would really call her a singer? Her name was Cindy, and she sounded like a cat under the tire of a school bus full of fat people. She was soon booted out of the band. So the search continued, and in the same classifieds that Pete was found, They saw an ad from Bern. So Jo gave Bern the same lecture he gave to Pete about dedication, and Bern said before I try out, I should let you know that I'm black, I don't know if that matters or not, And Jo replied that's great! Our guitarist is black too! So Bern came down one day, and saw Pete sitting by the door of the studio, waiting for Chris or Jo to come and open the door, since he didn't have the key to the room yet. Pete and Bern talked a bit, and finally, Chris showed up. So they went in, and started jamming on Lost. They wrote Lost that day. Then out of nowhere, Jo ran into the room ok, let's go, my girl is gonna kill me, I'm not supposed to be here and he tripped, and got on his drums, then they began lost, they finished, then he ran out just as quick as he ran in. They then decided that Bern would be the new singer for the band. But still no bassist. They figured eh, bassists aren't important. So they wrote 7 songs, and got their first show, which was an opening slot for Quiet Riot at the Voodoo Lounge. January 24, 2001 was the first show. They were then known as Undermind, and had no bassist. They played the show with no bassist, and were asked to play again on Feb 2nd for the Gilby Clarke show. A close friend to the band, Andrew filled in on bass for them. They then began recording their 4-song demo at The Heat Shak with awesome production from Frankie Bombjack, formerly of Bombjack. Andrew filled in on bass for this demo (Eye for Eye, Lost, Wildin' Out, and Seed), and wrote that catchy bass line in Lost. They began playing more shows, and soon, Karlo rejoined the band, And the name was changed to Undermine X. More songs were written, such as Leave, Fear Me, Why, and How It Feels. They then met who would be one of their best friends, Ray. Ray was and still is always there for the band, and not because it was the nice thing to do, but because he has faith in them. He soon was so dedicated to them, he was asked to join the band as a second singer. He helped Undermine X out when no one else would. Ray had to move to Florida to take care of his newborn son. Ray continues to be there for the band, and is still one of their best friends. The drama in Undermine X wasn't over. Chris' drinking was becoming a problem, and was not getting along with the other members, Especially with Jo. The arguing became too much, So he left the band. A friend of the band, Scott, was asked to join. Everything was working out fine. They wrote some songs together like Born This Way, which is a tribute to 9/11, Trapped Inside, and Homeless. Scott began drifting from the band. He had a lot going on in his life that needed to be taken care of, and the band made that difficult for him. So he left the band to take care of those things. So he was replaced with Kevin. Kevin taught Pete how to play guitar, and is Pete's best friend. Kevin has influences all over the hard rock and metal scene, which helps mold his style. Now, the 5 members are ready to tackle anything. Their 2001 Self-Titled debut release was spread across the tri-state area like wildfire. Now, People all over the country know the name Undermine X. Once their second album is released, everyone will know who Undermine X is. So keep your eyes and ears open for what could be the greatest musical experience you will ever know.


Reviewer: BenjaminS.T. - - February 1, 2013
Subject: IUMA: Undermine X Demo
From the decription of the bands infuences this group sounds instrumentally much like a few of the bands that they say they have followed (Metallica, Disturbed, Staind, The Deftones) as a group. There is one thing which detracts from the sound of this act though and that is the tone deaf vocals. I give Undermine X three stars because their instrument playing makes their songs somewhat listenable but beyond that I think they need to improve if they want to keep going. I had some doubt as to weather they'd choose to keep imporving or being a band with a demo like this but with a web search I've been able to find more up to date tracks, and more better played songs by this band. Their more current and more improved songs which I've heard elsewhere at other web addresses remind me of Godsmack a little.